Types of Services

I provide organizational services for home and office space. Whether you consider yourself a “pack-rat” or maybe just someone who needs a new system of organization - I can help.

This involves removing items that one does not need in order to create more space. My clients and I will sort, dispose of (if necessary), and organize the items.  I strongly believe that one should simply get rid of items that are unneeded because living in a clean, organized environment is extremely therapeutic. I like to show my clients how to part with items that are truly not practical for their lifestyle and items that will not serve a functioning purpose for them. This type of motivational coaching can do wonders for people who consider themselves a “hoarder.”

This type of service involves the proper placement of items to achieve maximum space utilization while simultaneously making the area appear more spacious. I work with my clients to plan out exactly what they are looking to achieve and then transform their space to accommodate their needs. Any space in the home or office can greatly benefit from this service.

 Office Solutions
Having worked in a law-firm for over six years, in which I was in charge of managing the office filing system and keeping up with the clean appearance of the office, I have obtained the skills needed to create outstanding file management systems as well as creating efficient workspace environments. In addition to the appearance of the office, I can provide storage unit solutions for old files. My office clients can also utilize any other organizing service mentioned above.

The process of moving can be nothing short of torturous for some, but I can come in and make the process less stressful. If organized correctly – moving can be a breeze. I provide packing and/or unpacking services.

What makes me different?
I am here to teach, coach, and motivate my clients so they are able to maintain their new space on their own. I do not judge any person for their disorganized situation - I have seen it all! 

*In addition to organizing, I am able to add light design elements into any project. I work with clients to understand their style/taste in order to buy the correct items to match their personality.